Date Event or Milestone
March 1, 2023 Ownership of United States patent transferred to Goldin-Rudahl Systems, Inc (USA).
November 2021 European patent no EP 3 103 066 B1 on Smartroad Tools issued.
December 2020 United States patent no 10,866,227 on Smartroad Tools issued.
September 2019 Started field validation in full-sized high-speed rail test laboratory.
July 2019 First commercial sale of MVP.
March 2018 Exhibited scale model/demo of our technology at Smartrail Asia 2018 in Bangkok.
November 2017 to February 2018 Participated in SPRINT Deep Tech accelerator program, sponsored by Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration
August 2017 Submitted Newton Fund research grant application in collaboration with the University of Leeds
July 2017 Presented a paper at the First International Conference on Rail Transportation, Chengdu, China
April 2017 SafeRail 2017 conference in Washington, DC
March 2017 Formed first regional subsidiary, Smartroad Tools Thailand (STT) to focus on next-stage testing and development, plus commercialization in ASEAN
February to March 2017 Experiments using real-world road materials. Can detect through 40 cm of sand and 10 cm of asphalt
November 2016 Presented paper at the Asian Conference on Remote Sensing, Columbo, Sri Lanka.
May 2016 Preparations for full-size test bed (rail) - U.S. Federal Railroad Administration. Pre-proposal with University of South Carolina and CSX Rail.
February 2016 Technology Readiness Level 4: Final version desktop prototype. Demonstrated the technology at the KMUTT Institute of Field Robotics 20th Anniversary Exhibition.
August to December 2015 Additional conferences: Advanced materials World Congress, Stockholm, Sweden; Taipei Inventors Exhibition, Taipei, Taiwan; Thailand Oil and Gas Exposition, Bangkok, Thailand; World Roads Congress, Seoul, Korea; Smartrail Asia, Bangkok, Thailand
June 2015 Incorporated Heurika Geographics Pte. Ltd. in Singapore to hold intellectual property
May 2015 Attended Smartrail Europe conference in Amsterdam. Exhibited at SubCon 2015 event in Bangkok.
May 2015 Notified by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) that our two most important patent claims are novel and patentable
April 2015 Chosen in competitive pitching to receive support from the entrepeneurship center at King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT)
January 2015 Filed international Patent Cooperation Treaty application with WIPO
October 2014 Produced white paper on our technology for U.S. Federal Aviation Authority at their request
August 2014 Presented paper on Smartroads at Smart Materials and Surfaces conference, Bangkok, Thailand.
August 2014 Filed US Patent application
July 2014 Successfully completed second stage of implementation testing.
May 2014 Successfully completed first stage of implementation testing.