Smartroad ToolsTM

Smartroad ToolsTM
      - An Early Warning System for Pavement Substructure Damage

Heurika Geographics Pte. Ltd. is pleased to announce Smartroad Tools, a system to monitor highways and other high-value earth works for hidden damage.

Roads, highways, airport runways, railways, and levees (dikes) all consist of carefully designed and built layers which ultimately rest on an earthen subbase. Over time, erosion, nearby construction, weather, seismic activity, and other causes can weaken or create gaps in the subbase. Initially there is no sign of this on the surface, until a collapse suddenly occurs. This collapse entails expenses for immediate repair, and direct and indirect costs to the surrounding communities due to disruption of transport and damage to buildings. In some cases there can be environmental damage or human casualties.

Until now there has been no practical way to monitor the condition of the earthen subbase. We have invented a "smart" material which can be embedded during construction or reconstruction, and which provides an easy-to-use and inexpensive means to verify the integrity of the subbase. In some cases this technology may apply to oil and gas pipelines, to mining waste ponds, and to bridges and highway overpasses, as well.

In addition to roads and highways, this technology is applicable to flood prevention levees, railways, airports, and high-security buildings such as bank vaults and nuclear power plants.

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